Thursday, 13 February 2014

New Car Honda Civic 2014

Although still far from being parallel to the Ferrari when it comes to appearance, the Honda Civic is definitely much better than the previous model. The Civic now has a more rounded hood and more expensive looking back. He also has the right amount of chrome accents to make it look more sporty and distinctive. Thanks to the great gas mileag, luxury cabin, outstanding reliability and top safety scores, the Honda Civic a good candidate for the number one spot in the class.

Honda Civic decided to push the bar even further by increasing the Civic exterior to give it a little more character. The manufacturers also upgraded the interior to provide a more luxurious shades, all the cheap plastic material that is used to define the interior space is replaced with a much better material. As a result, Honda Civic now offers a soft-touch material on the new medicine upper door and instrument panels, tricot headliner, a soft touch and a nice dash pad chrome trimming that surrounds the button.

Featuring an exciting new technology to keep up to date and make any tweaks necessary to enhance the overall driving experience. The new Civic is now more in line with its competitors. The base model now features a rear view camera, Bluetooth wireless connectivity , text messaging function and connectivity of Pandora radio.

Honda also decided to recalibrate the Civic suspension and steering for a more predictable handling, mounted anti-roll bars are larger and stiffer front springs to suppress the tendency of the car to lean into a corner, and use the front glass is thicker, stiffer front sub-frame and additional sound-proofing to provide a quieter ride.

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