Thursday, 13 February 2014

New Car Honda CR-V Black Edition

Honda CR-V was introduced to the automotive market in 1995. The CR-V was originally intended to be a niche vehicle. That is due in part because Honda hesitant to market this model on a large scale. Honda CR-V sure if would be able to take the place of the Honda Passport as an entry-level SUV in the U.S. Until now, the car is undergoing changes 4 times.

The first generation of the CR-Vs were introduced in 1995 and production continued until 2001. At the start of production, the CR-V only has one trim and is powered by a 2.0L straight-4 B20B. Machine capable of generating a maximum power output of 128 horsepower and 133 lb-ft of torque. Honda also uses uni-body chassis when they created the 4-wheel double-wishbone suspension them. The interior is quite spacious and the rear seats can be folded to accommodate larger cargo.

Based on the negative feedback first generation CR-V is received, Honda introduced a completely fresh version of the CR-V in 2002. The vehicle is considered a second generation CR-Vs. This model is based on the platform used by the seventh generation Civic and the former engine was replaced by K24A1 engine. The new engine produces 160 horsepower and 162 lb - ft of torque. Despite the increase in power , this model of CRV that have maintained fuel economy. This is possible by using the i- VTEC system.

The third generation CR-V was introduced in 2007. Model CR-V is shorter, lower, and wider than the previous model. The decrease in length is achieved by removing the spare tire from the back of the CR-V and moved under the rear cargo area. Moving from the spare tire also has reduced the center of gravity of the car. Honda also has changed the engines used in the third generation CR-Vs, and replace manual to automatic transmission systems.

The fourth-generation CR-V will be released in the United States. Honda even has released a photograph of a model that will come to tempt car buyers. In the new model, CR-V has made significant changes to the exterior design. The curves and lines of the car are further enhanced to provide an upscale look vehicles and tougher. This version is also expected to be more fuel efficient than the previous model.

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