Thursday, 6 February 2014

BMW 5 Series Touring

The new 2011 BMW 5 Series Touring is an outstanding individuality among cars. Its elegance is reflected by its powerful looks. With short overhangs, long bonnet, a streched silhouette, the steeply inclined roofline and its longest wheelbase, this new BMW 5 Series Touring possesses a great blend between its proportions and the surface design.

Luggage capacity can be modified from its normal 560 liters to about 1,670 liters, by folding the rear seats or by folding the backrest. Thus, its elegance can spell out the great adaptability of this car.

Comfortable, sporty and a most advanced level of suspension and drivetrain technologies characterize the BMW 5 Series Touring. These suspensions can be customized by the driver through an Optional Dynamic Driving Control.There are also Integral Active Steering and Adaptive Drive modes, which can be available if you choose so.

Engine options include a four-cylinder, a six-cylinder diesel and two straight-six petrol engines. BMW 520d Touring's engine is a four-cylinder turbo diesel, giving 184 hp (135 kW). Common Rail direct injection is employed and its Auto Start Stop function gives it great efficiency in the series. Average fuel consumption ranges around 54 mpg (5.2 liters/100 km) and its CO2 emissions are of about 137 g/km.

There are great improvements depending on the model that go on efficiency. For example, the Auto Start Stop, gearshift point indicator, active air flap control and demand-dependent ancillary components. The weight is kept low by use of aluminum in the bonnet, doors, suspensions, drivetrain components and front side panels.

Driver assistance and interfaces are presented by BMW Connected Drive. You have, collision warnings with brake activation, Parking Assistant, Active Cruise Control, Surround View, Lane Change Warning, Speed Limit Info, Lane Departure warning, Night Vision and detection of people and a High-beam Assistant. A Bluetooth device can be connected and interfaced through the console. There is also the highly practical use of 5 cameras that give you clearer views in all directions, when in doubt. The interior dynamics goes as a flow throughout the entire car, and fits you and the controls ergonomically as soon as you take your seat.

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