Sunday, 2 February 2014

Ford Fusion 2014

In these frankly terrifying days of economic peril, car manufacturers are almost entirely reliant on one or two flagship models to carry the slack of the less popular models. The Corsa seems to be marginally holding Vauxhall's head afloat (although current reports suggest it will be unable to hold up the behemoth manufacturer for much longer) and the Golf and Polo seem to be doing the best to rescue Volkswagen from the failing clutches of the Tiguan and Touareg. Ford, as predictable as it seems, are relying on the sales of the new Fiesta and Focus to keep their heads above the rapidly heightening tides of recession. There are, however, excellent car models that get forgotten about in these situations and that is criminal, especially when they are as sporty and versatile as the Ford Fusion. 

 The Ford Fusion fills the small niche between the Fiesta and the Focus, comprising the sporty performance and maneuverability of the former, with the practicality and responsive handling of the latter. If the Fiesta is the car designed for the young, single boy racers and the Focus is aimed primarily at the family market, then the Fusion lies neatly in the middle; the perfect car for the young, small family.

The Fusion comes with 1.4 or 1.6 litre petrol or diesel engines, which all prove to be up to Ford's impeccably high standards of engineering. The 1.6 petrol proves to be a perfect city car, with impressive revs in the low gears to get you away from the traffic lights before most of the others. It also proves to be a great motorway car, with low engine noise and comfortable seats. With all consideration, the Ford Fusion is an extremely pleasant place to be.

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